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Students: E-Z ARTS provides access to information, resources and tools that you will use throughout your academic career as a UNCSA student. The decision to do business electronically with UNCSA is yours. By logging in to E-Z Arts, you are providing your voluntary consent to conduct electronic transactions or agreements with the University that may occur at any time during your academic career, including actions related to Admissions, Financial Aid and Student Accounts, including the 1098T statement and registration. Some of these transactions or agreements may involve financial obligations.

Students: If you do not voluntarily consent to conduct business electronically with UNCSA, you should exit E-Z ARTS. By exiting the system, you are choosing to opt out of electronic transactions and agreements. It will be your responsibility to complete transactions in person at each appropriate office or location.

Maintenance Schedule: Periodically, UNCSA E-Z Arts Web Services, and the supporting Banner database, require some downtime for routine maintenance, upgrades, enhancements and troubleshooting. In order to minimize disruption to campus activities, routine maintenance will be performed on E-Z Arts Web Services and the Banner database on the first and third Thursdays of every month, after 6 p.m. The downtime will vary depending on the type of maintenance being performed. During maintenance, E-Z Arts will be unavailable for use.

SECURITY AGREEMENT: The E-Z Arts ID (96#) and Personal Identification Number (PIN - comprised of six digits) assigned to me, are for my use ONLY and will not be disclosed to anyone else. By accessing this service, "I agree to abide by the UNCSA Policy for Technology Use, and not to perform illegal or unauthorized activities that would violate state and/or federal laws, nor University policies. I also agree that I will not disclose in verbal, electronic or printed format any information for which I am not authorized to do so."

Problems Accessing This Service? If you have set security questions on your account, you may use the Forgot PIN option to reset your PIN. If you have tried to login more than three times, your account will be disabled. For a PIN reset, please select from the following options to email your request:
Applicants: Admissions@uncsa.edu
Current/Former Students: Registrar@uncsa.edu
Employees: HR_EZArts_support@uncsa.edu

When sending a reset request please ensure that you are emailing from a UNCSA provided email account and/or you provide your User ID (AKA: “your 96#”).

To Exit This Service And Protect Your Privacy: Select the EXIT link option on the right side of the window and then close your browser window.


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